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Every item you buy goes to help a Veteran improve their lives by showing them that they have worth. We are not a charity, we want you to be happy with your purchase. Feel free to ask any questions you like before you buy. You can buy with confidence that all items are made in the USA by United States of America Veterans. Shopping carts are added for your convenience and shipping and handling is usually included but be sure to check.

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  • Artists

    Miniature Doll house table, perfect touch to the doll house enthusiast.

  • Writings

    Annie's Odyssey is a Beverly Hills Book Club winner in 2013 for Visionary Fiction!

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  • Crossroads Beverage

    Crossroads Beverage


  • Humble Resturant

    Humble Resturant

    Humble Comfort Food & Spirit

  • State House and Cross Building

    State House and Cross Building

    State House Display